Jazmin is one of my best friends. 

I’m so grateful for her, “Yoko” is the only girl I know that can talk to me in an art like architecture. Constantly pointing out its beauty in buildings…She truly is a beautiful person.. so understanding and loveable.

She’s always the first person I call 

We’ve never dated: although we made everyone believe so. 

It was just her and I exploring art in nyc, vibing, eating new foods, and drinking fresh brew. 

thats friendship. 

i’m never letting her go.  


When someone tells you that they are “In love with you” …everything changes


Tell myself to focus and then everything be comes 

Free oxygen

Free oxygen


I feel it… the hard-hearted breeze of change, yet still remain lukewarm.

"To live austerely and purely, to see the noble truths,

and realize nirvana, this is the blessing supreme.”